What It's Like to Run a Small Business in a Global Pandemic

It felt quite unreal when Lindsay and I launched our online boutique back in November of 2019. It has taught us a lot of things and definitely brought us closer as sisters to be business partners. One thing that we never could have predicted was a global pandemic to strike when we had only been in business for a few months.

As a college student, my life was entirely turned upside down in March of this year. Everyone was being sent home from my University to keep people safe and all classes would continue online. I remember calling my sister when getting the news that campus was shutting down, it was again, so unreal at the time. We were both very fearful for the future, Lindsay's job situation was up in the air and I lost my part-time job that I had on campus when everything shutdown.

At first, Mission was put on the back burner during the beginning of quarantine, we even stopped launching or buying new products for the store for a time. In my mind, it seemed our little company was doomed and we were going to have to shut it down entirely before it even really got started. We weren't hardly posting on social media and we were both just so unsure on how to proceed.

After about a month into quarantine Lindsay and I decided to really start investing more into Mission. It was tough. We put all our own money and time into it, like we always have done, but this just felt more high stakes than normal. It was so uncertain if we would ever see any return on our hard work and investments into our company, but we pushed on. Many orders that we placed for Mission got canceled, got delayed, and it seemed harder than ever to rely on wholesalers that we have bought from in the past. It was a very frustrating experience.

As states started getting back to work, some things went back to normal. There were many highs and lows through the past few months having to run a new small business in a global pandemic. Neither of us could have predicted the amount of growth our company has gained in the past two months. It has astounded us, our hard work finally seemed to be paying off which is a blessing to see.

For Lindsay and I, Mission Clothing Boutique is a dream. We would love to call this our full time job one day, we aren't there yet, but we know if we keep pushing on our company will grow. It has been a tough couple of months, but with your help we have made it and come out so much better on the other side. Thank you for that, we are just two girls who grew up on the mission field trying to make a dream a reality and with every passing week that dream is coming closer and closer to our grasp.

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