The Idea Behind Mission

It is safe to say that my sister and I could probably be considered pretty crazy for embarking on this "mission" right now. I'm 22 and currently in the middle of my Junior year in college, my sister, Lindsay, is 24 and just got married in May. We are young, but we are also very determined to accomplish this idea that came to us at the most random of times.

In the heat of planning for a May wedding, it was probably about a week or so before Lindsay and her now husband, Kevin, were going to say I do, an idea came to me to start a clothing store. My sister and I were sitting in a car picking up dry cleaning and I saw an empty retail space in the shopping complex we were parked at and picking up the dry cleaning from, I thought to myself how I had dreamed for years of owning a boutique. I then, for whatever crazy reason, let myself turn to Lindsay and say, "How crazy would it be to own a store together? Do you want to start a business and partners?" Lindsay, in the middle of wedding planning...WEDDING PLANNING, said yes to that absurd idea that should have just been a thinking-out-loud, wishful thinking, passing thought kind of thing. Nevertheless, here we are. We have now, by the time you are reading this, launched our online store.

It all seemed like a pipe dream, like I said before, I had wanted to do something like this for a very long time. There was no way I would have ever been able to get all of this crazy stuff done by myself, this has taken months of planning, tears, threats of quitting, pep talks, saving, and spending and now we are finally here. It feels very surreal, but a good feeling nonetheless. Lindsay and I are excited beyond belief to bring Mission Clothing Boutique to everyone.

Lindsay (7) and Alyssa (5) in their school uniforms in Lusaka, Zambia.

As girls who grew up on the mission field in Zambia, Africa we thought the title of our company was more than fitting. We want to inspire people with our story. God has shaped us both in the most unlikely way. Our story is an unusual one, but definitely a tale for another day. Anyways, that was how what you are witnessing right now, Mission Clothing Boutique, was born. It was a quick moment of inspired thinking, a slip of the tongue that let my dream come out that has led to our dream coming true. We thank you all so much for helping us grow this dream into a reality. It really means the world to us that you even care enough to read this. So...thank you!

We are planning to have many more blog posts to come, from behind the scenes stuff to topical posts, so we hope you tag along for the ride.

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